The awaited de-make of our latest game of the simulator series*. Sorry, budget cuts. As this was a one-man job, we don't have the fancy 3D graphics that you are used to.

Embody the town's biggest cat lover and share your love for cats with everyone and everything around you. Everything around you wants to have a cat**, so make sure to throw them one!*** Dogs? Pffft. They LOVE the little the little guys! Throw them one too, and they will have a furry companion for life!


- Move your character with WASD
- Click anywhere in the screen to throw a cat to that point. Note that you cannot throw a second cat until the first one has landed.

Spread the love! <3

*Not really
**Not scientifically proven.
***No real or virtual cat or dog was harmed during the production of this videogame. There was, however, an incident with an ice-cream van.
****Awaiting data validation from our research center.

In the real world, treat your pets with love and respect. They would give the world for you if they could.